Addington Residence
This lovely suburban garden is designed to delight with a fascinating variety of plant material, yet is peaceful in its simplicity and well paired plantings. Dotting the landscape is a wonderful collection of both common and rare conifer and Japanese maple cultivars. For those who traverse this beautiful garden, there are many refreshing views awaiting them.
Doud-Conner Residence
This 1963 Atlanta home designed by Robert Green, an apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright, has neo-modern landscaping that compliments its unique architectural style. Wright had an affinity for Asian-inspired landscapes, emulated on this property by garden designer Brendan Butler. The overall result provides for an amazingly intense visual effect.
Grise Residence
Here is a wonderful Japanese style home and garden. The main garden was designed by Takeo Uesugi, famous for his work at the former Hotel Nikko in Buckhead. There is a private courtyard garden and an amazing koi pond surrounded by several specimen Japanese maples. The beauty of the garden is constantly changing with the seasons, providing a remarkable canvas of color and structure throughout the year.
Johnston Residence
This beautiful example of a mid-century modern home, built in 1959, was designed by architect Jerry Cooper. To compliment the simple clean lines of the house, the front entry was redone in a Japanese stone and gravel garden style. Several Japanese maples and pines under-planted with companion plants add dimension and seasonal interest to the space.
Markovich Residence
In keeping with the Japan-esque style of the house, complementary plantings were utilized to judiciously emphasize this theme. There are several styled black pines that are over forty years old and a handful of mature Japanese maples both upright and dissectum forms that dominate an otherwise blank canvas. This simple beauty reinforces the notion that less is more.
McGovern Residence
A garden inspired by the owner’s fascination for all things Asian has greatly influenced its look and feel. There are many oriental themed accents sprinkled throughout reinforcing this garden motif. A very nice selection of over 35 cultivars of Japanese maples and just as many wonderful conifers reside here. The garden entices you to explore and absorb all of its diverse beauty.
Individual Trees
This wonderful collection of photos, showcase Japanese maples from various clients that are focal point specimens. Each of these trees has been aesthetically pruned to reveal its natural essence and previously hidden inner beauty. A true testament of how proper professional pruning can beneficially affect a Japanese maple’s health and appearance. They are definitely a tree to be enjoyed throughout the four seasons.
Norm's Garden
Here is a delightfully modest garden that is continually evolving as newer plant selections are introduced. The garden boasts more than 30 varieties of Japanese maples, a nice sampling of conifers and a prized collection of hydrangeas – two of which were gifts from the late Penny McHenry’s garden. It is truly a delight to see the garden transform itself through each passing season.